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A commercial building’s carpet requires more care and cleaning than some think. Your carpeting provides comfort, ambience, and muffles footfalls, but can also become a source of stale odors and can house irritants like dust, pollen, and other impurities that could be detrimental to the air quality of your business. These carpet issues, combined with the headache of stubborn stains or scuffs, can create less than ideal conditions for your employees, guests, and clients, as well as permanent damage to your carpeting. Ultra-Klean Janitorial Services, LLC wants to help maintain your facility’s clean, professional work conditions and protect the long-term investment of your building by offering expert commercial carpet cleaning services.

Below is a list of key carpet cleaning services that we provide, depending on your property’s individual needs:

  • Daily or nightly vacuuming

  • Spot cleaning as necessary

  • Hot water extraction

From daily or nightly maintenance to scheduled shampoos and hot water extractions, we look forward to providing every carpeted area of your commercial property quality attention and care.  Whether you’re looking for commercial carpet cleaning solutions for a large corporate office, university, bank, medical facility, retail property, or hotel, we will ensure your requirements are met and your carpet remains spotless.

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