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Nothing's more dangerous, or costly, than a greasy restaurant kitchen floor. Slips, trips or falls account for up to 15% or more of all workers compensation costs and one disabling injury can put you out of pocket $30,000 or more. Plus, it's easy to track grease into the main dining area putting your customers, and your wallet, in even more danger.

By having your kitchen professionally cleaned, you will not only be adhering to Health and Safety laws and the terms of your insurance, but you will also be creating a better working environment.


  • Maintenance for resilient and non-resilient flooring

  • Stripping, waxing and buffing floors

  • Hardwood floor maintenance

  • Shampooing carpets using various techniques

  • Commercial cleaning and disinfecting of lavatories

  • Absorption of wet areas which can serve as breeding grounds for bacteria

  • Mopping and sanitation of hard to reach areas

The critical elements that Ultra-Klean Janitorial Services, LLC addresses for your floor care ensure that:

  • The tasks performed are specific to floor type.

  • The frequency of the tasks performed is appropriate to the traffic and floor type.

  • The training received for each specific task is integrated into the process of floor care.

  • The tools used to perform tasks are state-of-the-art and in perfect working order.

  • The chemicals used (as applicable to a particular task) to perform tasks are the best for the floor type.

  • The time to perform tasks is sufficient.

The Ultra-Klean Janitorial Services, LLCs program is designed to help your business keep the cleanliness standards that are crucial in the restaurant industry. We’ll worry about the cleaning so you can worry about your product and services.

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