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Dirt, debris, and cold weather elements like snow and rain are all common issues that cause daily stress to your commercial business’s floor. A clean, streak and scuff-free floor is just another hallmark of your business’s professionalism and is an integral part of creating a strong first impression for guests and clients. Well-maintained flooring also helps uphold employee morale by helping to create a workplace that they can be proud of.

Although hard floors can be extremely durable, they still require regular cleaning, maintenance, and care. If your business experiences high levels of traffic such as hotels, retail establishments, medical facilities, universities, or banks, you may require even more detailed floor care plans to ensure you’re protecting your floors from permanent damage. Ultra-Klean Janitorial Services, LLC is ready to work with your company to offer the solutions your business facility’s floor requires to maintain a clean, like-new finish.

Below is a list of the floor care services we can perform, depending on your property’s requirements:

  • Nightly sweeping and mopping

  • Buffing, burnishing and polishing as needed

  • Stripping and waxing

  • Machine scrubbing

Whether your building features hardwood floors, laminate, or other specialty flooring that you may not see listed here, we are ready to provide the commercial floor cleaning and maintenance solutions your business requires.

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