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At Ultra-Klean Janitorial Services, we work in conjunction with our customers and other health professionals to create a healthful environment in our medical offices to bring a standard of cleanliness our customers can be confident and proud of. We help protect the welfare of not only your patients but your medical staff as well.

The cleaning of a medical facility requires certain protocols not found in general office cleaning. Having knowledge on particular medical contaminants is important, such as:

  • blood borne pathogens

  • infectious waste

  • sharps


Another important area in medical building cleaning is the proper handling or disposal procedure for waste. The protocols must be followed correctly for the safety of your patients, your medical staff and your cleaning staff. In addition, the wearing of surgical gloves is necessary so as not to be exposed to infection through things you touch as well as to protect your skin from exposure.

Special cleaning products are used in medical building cleaning to lessen and control the amount of infection/virus/germs in the environment and on the various surfaces, tables, floors, etc

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